My name is Justin Spence and I have been shooting for nearly four years.  I received my first camera after graduating university and have pursued photography with a passion ever since.  Whether shooting, editing, processing or finishing a print, I enjoy all aspects of the photographic process.
Incorporated within my love for photography is my love of travel.  I spent a year abroad working in Cambridge England; a trip that   also took me to such locations as Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Spain and Portugal, all of which got their turn in front of the lens.  In addition I have travelled and photographed in the Yucatan Peninsula during a three week backpacking trip to Mexico and also on a month long road trip down the west coast of the United States.  
Born and raised in Vancouver Canada, my next adventure will hopefully keep me closer to home. A month throughout British Columbia or across the great land of Canada itself would be ideal.
In terms of subject matter, nothing is off limits.  Urban landscapes often catch my eye and I enjoy spending time roaming the streets of wherever I may be.
I would like to give many thanks to Ale Diaz for all her hard work in making this website possible.